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Door to door delivery

Door to door delivery is a whole range of services without the participation of the consignor. Our company is responsible for all technical and organizational nuances (including protection and support, if necessary) from the loading at sender’s door to the acceptance of cargo by the consignee.

VVL Group’s clients do not have to worry about drawing up of documents, delivery control. We take all responsibility for the organization of all stages of customs clearance and the delivery of cargo to consignee.

  Development of optimal delivery routes   Suitable transport supply for loading goods at the warehouse of the consignor;
Transport documents execution, customs clearance, cargo movement control during the whole route.      

If the sender decides to organize transportation of cargo without any help, he will have to cope with a lot of unknown problems. For example, the sender will have to find:

  • transport, with perfect size, weight and other characteristics necessary for cargo delivery;
  • logistics specialists who will be able to build a route (or build it on his own);
  • forwarder;
  • сustoms broker, because an international transportation is impossible without him.

In case of using “door to door” service in VVL Group you can reduce your time and financial expenses It is enough to order D2D services and goods will be delivered to the destination as soon as possible with a guarantee of safety.

The main term in the "door to door" delivery is a complete control over the goods by company’s specialists. This approach ensures the integrity and security of cargo, prompt decision of customs formalities and as a result fast delivery.

  • VVL Group company use the most modern technology;
  • Tracking transport movement is conducted by a satellite positioning systems GPS and GLONASS;
  • All vehicles involved in the carriage of goods, respond strict technical requirements. Every year we spent 25% of the company's profits for the modernization of the fleet. All drivers are thoughtfully tested.
To learn more about this service, please call us at +7 (812) 604-03-77 or leave your request.
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Why do people choose us?
  • Consolidated cargo delivery is accomplished right on time;
  • We choose appropriate transport schemes for the consolidated cargo delivery;
  • To save time for an execution of transport and customs documentation we created a special department of customs law service with qualified workers;
  • Departmental staff release you from communication with the bureaucratic system;
  • Great work experience;
  • We take care about all technical and organizational nuances.
We trust their security


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