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Delivery of the consolidated cargo

This cargo delivery method includes several consignees’ goods in one transport vehicle with similar direction. That kind of delivery allows to reduce delivery price. All transport expenses, which are services of temporary storage warehouse shared between all consignees proportional to the occupied volume in the transport, and cost of services according to the documents shared equally.

VVL Group carries out a delivery of the consolidated cargo from Europe, United States, China and other countries through the Finnish consolidation warehouse.


Help in drawing up documents

  Receipt of goods from exporter
Making export and transit documents   Consolidation of the cargo on a warehouse in Finland(Consolidation of the cargo in Finland)

Customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg


Responsible warehousing in Saint-Petersburg

Hand delivery to the client




Delivery of cargoes in time - this is one of the principles in the company. Daily logistics calculate the optimal transport schemes for the delivery of cargoes. To reduce the time to prepare the transport and customs documentation in the company have a division, which employs specialists in customs law. The department relieve customers from the necessity of interaction with the bureaucratic system. Our customers send and receive cargoes easily, without loss of time and with minimal cost.

The company offers delivery turnkey (DOOR TO DOOR), and / or delivery at each stage separately. This is due to a variety of contractual relations between the consignor and the customer.

  • Weekly (or more often) send to Russia with consolidated warehouse, located in Finland;
  • Minimum time of delivery from Finland to St. Petersburg (average 3 days);
  • Cargo delivery to the consolidated warehouse in St. Petersburg of Russia at the lowest prices.
For more information about consolidated cargo delivery call us on  +7 812 604 03 77 or leave an application on website
Why choose us?
  • delivery of cargoes is carried out on time
  • for delivery of consolideated cargoes our specialists selects the most optimal transport scheme;
  • to reduce time on registration of transport and customs documentation in the company formed a division, which is staffed by specialists in customs law
  • department saves clients from having to interact with the bureaucratic system
  • big experience
We trust their security


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