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Customs clearance of cargo

customs clearance of cargoThe process of customs clearance of cargoes is a complex action. VVL Group will help you to make your foreign economic activity simple and profitable

Any company involved in the import of goods is obliged to implement range of formal registration procedures and to pay customs duties and taxes, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.


How can you choose a broker for the customs clearance?

It is important to choose a reliable broker, who can become an excellent business partner for extended lengths of time. Determinative factors in the selection of a customs broker are usually time and cost of the procedure; it depends on the experience and competence of company’s staff;

If you need a highly competent broker for customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg, you can contact our company. Specializing in this sphere since 1998, we have accumulated extensive experience in solving the most complex problems in the field of transport and customs logistics. Particularly we faced consequences several times after an inappropriate customs clearance. You can easily not only lose a significant part of the profit, but to face more serious problems without core education and practice. Certified customs brokers will help you to execute all necessary documentation, and understand nuances of customs legislation and gather all necessary documents.

How to clear cargo?

customs clearanceCustoms clearance of imported cargo to Russia carries out in Saint-Petersburg and includes a list of actions, which is difficult to understand independently. To execute proper customs clearance of cargo, you need to know requirements and standards, special features of the financial legislation, but also to make out differences of customs clearance of small freights and out of gauge general containers. Our experts carry on declaring cargo, consulting clients about effective tax rates and tariffs, but also specified requirements for an execution. Also we inform our clients in advance about import restrictions on their cargo or vehicle.

Don't know how and where to clear your cargo — contact VVL Group! Quality, efficiency and reliability are our main work principles. You can get detailed information about services and cost of customs clearance by phone 8 812 604 03 77.

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