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Customs clearance

VVL Group offers customs clearance service. We work quick and effective to delivery your cargo in the shortest time. Modern technologies and team of the top-ranking specialists with more than 15 years’ experience involved in this process.

Customs registration is a mandatory item of any international carriage. It’s a complicated procedure, requiring the elaborate preparations. It’s wise to entrust it to experts, who gather all necessary document together and make a state border crossing fast and simple. Working with VVL Group you get a professional customs clearance of different types of cargo from food to specialized machinery. All services will be expanded maximally qualified; all duties and charges will be paid in time to undergo customs clearance procedures without any problems.

  Picking up, recording and registration of customs declaration   Documentary audit ( accordance HS code with property identification of foreign economic activity and the country, where goods are produced; if all necessary measures of a unrated regulation are adhered)
Currency inspection and checkup calculation of customs value   Payment of customs duties and taxes
Inspection of goods or transport      

This procedure includes a work package necessary for carrying vehicles and consignment through the border. It is important to understand that each case of customs clearance is unique with its own nuances. It depends on a type of cargo, transport etc. It is difficult to pass through this procedure on your own initiative. You should make an appeal to the customs broker, who can help you to save your time and money. Work with the broker significantly eases the process.

Customs clearance includes:

  • Picking up, recording and registration of custom declarations;
  • Calculation of customs value of goods;
  • Currency inspection;
  • Payment of customs duties and taxes;
  • Inspection of goods and vehicles.

It’s necessary to make a point that preparation of customs paper is a very serious stage in this process. The package of document depends on terms of cooperation, organizational factors and other aspects.

To learn more about the customs clearance, please contact us by phone in St. Petersburg:+7 (812) 604-03-77or leave the online application form..

Benefits of customs clearance in VVL Group

  • Full package of customs clearance services (declare of goods, payment of fee and taxes).
  • Wide geography of work – customs clearance all over the world.
  • Work experience in the field of customs clearance since 1998.
  • Coordinated team of experts for successful solution of any problem.
  • Customs clearance of any cargos (food, outsize, dangerous, consolidated).
  • Strict observance of deadlines – we value our client’s time.
  • Flexible pricing on customs clearance and other services- it is always possible to find an individual solution.
  • Available price list due to competent optimization of customs and transport expenses. To reduce price, but to enhance the quality, we opened warehouses for consolidation in Finland and Germany
  • Cooperation on favorable terms both legal entity and individual persons.
  • Organization of all types of delivery: consolidated cargo, container and refrigerated.
  • Full range of services: transport logistic, forwarding, insurance, consolidation, certification of products.
  • Monitoring system GLONASS in each vehicle to controls your cargo 24 hours per day.

For detailed information about services call our managers.


Customs clearance with VVL Group is the best professional decision for your business.

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