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Documents required from the exporter during the customs clearance

  1. International business contract (executed in a strict accordance with “Requirements to the contract”).
  2. Transaction certificate (сору authenticated by the bank and customer).
  3. Invoice with detailed information about requisites of the parties, full contract reference number. Also it has to provide us with cargo value and terms of delivery. All information contained in the invoice must be similar as in basic contract. The document might be in white copy in the amount of 7 items.
  4. Translated invoice executed by a certified professional (in case of usage foreign language).
  5. CMR note. You need to provide from 6 to 12 copies.
  6. International transportation book CARNET TIR and certificate for the admission of transport (if customs clearance (if customs clearance carried out without the presentation of cargo, on export conditions “ensure the sender”, the last document is not required).
  7. Documents confirming exporter’s ownership of cargo.
  8. Permission documentation, including expert examination, ISO certificate, licenses, permits, declarations of conformity (available upon request).
  9. Reliable information about the origin of exported cargo.
  10. Documents substantiating customs value of exported cargo:
    • sales contract between Russian contractual counterparties;
    • payment orders, account statements and other analogous documents, related to payment of exported goods in the moment of its acquisition on the territory of Russia;
    • Invoices and proforma invoices, received by the exported organization from the seller of goods. You need to provide only copies of documents, certified by signatures of responsible executives (director and chief accountant), and also by the stamp. If the self-employed sole trader exports cargo abroad, copy might be signed only single-handedly with orders to number and other requisite elements of the State Registration Certificate as a private entrepreneur.
      These documents are not necessary if the exporter is a producer of goods. In this case you should show the official confirmation of the origin of products instead of invoices.
    • Goods declaration for importation, payment documents and accounts (if exported goods are of foreign origin);
    • Calculation ( comprised on goods produced by the exported country on the territory of Russia);
    • Calculation costs of work and services;
    • Product specification (binding accompanying document for equipment and other items);
    • Accounting report on exported cargo with all necessary marks from Federal Tax Service);
    • Official confirmation of existence of the buyer’s order of shipment from Russia ( necessary in cases of absence of other conditions in the sales contract.
    • Conclusions from federal ministry and department of Russia, requisite according to the Russian Legislation;
    • Certificates of expert's examination of the Chief customs laboratory;
    • Full package of documentation, relating to all completed transactions in regard to exported cargo ( for exporters, who are producer at the same time);
    • Other documents, allowing to check declared information about customs commodity cost.
  11. Packing list ( separately on each item of cargo indicating information about its weight, quantity of consignment seating and type of package).
  12. Bank payment document, confirming the payment of customs duties on this particular type of commodity.
  13. Expository materials, including brochures, images, technical descriptions, product samples, etc.
  14. Insurance policy (insurance contract). The document is issued in accordance with "Incoterms 2010”. It is required only in case of inclusion of a relevant condition in foreign trade agreement.
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