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Documents required from the importer during the customs clearance

  1. International business contract (executed in a strict accordance with “Requirements to the contract”).
  2. Transaction certificate (сору authenticated by the bank and customer).
  3. Invoice compulsorily containing the following information: requisites of the parties, contract reference number, cost and quantity of goods, delivery terms (all included information should exactly coincide with the provision of a treaty).
  4. Translated version of the invoice in Russian (if it is required).
  5. Package of the enabling documentation (declaration of compliance, expert review, licenses, ISO certificate etc.).
  6. Packing list with the information about the container’s type, package quantity, consignment’s weight individual to each item name.
  7. Payment order or another document confirming the importer’s customs payment.
  8. Export declaration (form EX-1).
  9. Cargo-carrying forwarding documentation :
    • International Railway Bill, in case of railway delivery;
    • Airway Bill, if it is an air carriage;
    • Bill of Lading, upon the shipping route;
    • Consignment note CMR in case of a transportation by motor vehicle.
  10. Cargo insurance contract or insurance policy according to the points in “Incoterms 2010” ( if it is required in the delivery conditions)
  11. Additional documents (auxiliary materials) making learning extra information about importation possible: brochures, product samples, technical description etc.)

Customs authorities are entitled to require further details and documents to confirm the right cargo value and other details.

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