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Transportation of oversized cargo

Logistic and custom services in the field of transportation oversized carriages:

oversize cargo transportation

  • •Freight forwarder.
  • •Working through the route.
  • •CMR-insurance.
  • •Providing vehicles from our own rolling stock.
  • •Providing cover for cars, coordination with the traffic police.
  • Customs clearance, cargo clearance etc..
  • •Preparation of applications, registration of special permits for the passage of the non-standard transport.

Oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo is a carriage of large items that are not suitable for the delivery in standard vehicles (tarp covered wagon, container). Outsized cargo has at least one of these options:

  • width from 2.55 m;
  • height from 4 m;
  • length from 20 m (one trailer);
  • weight from 38 tons

Oversize cargo (heavy cargo, elongated, with non-standard sizes) can be different. Not all outsized cargo is categorized as heavy, but the majority of the heavyweights have non-standard sizes.

Vehicles for transportation of oversize cargo

As a rule, outsized cargo is nondemountable and is transported without dismantling. Such carriage is a specific type of activity where inexperience is unacceptable. Transportation of oversized cargo requires professional carriers and a fleet of special equipment, including low loader or trawls.
VVL Group’s fleet:

  • prefab - special trucks for the transportation of building panels;
  • open low loaders - way of transportation of oversized cargo with a big height;
  • Closed vans, heavy-duty trailer vehicles (up to 150 t.), and tarp covered platforms - for superheavy transportation of bulky cargo (up to 16 m and a width of up to 4 m).

Safety during transporting oversize cargo

Guidebooks for organizing the transportation of oversize cargo are:

  • Charter of motor transport;
  • Rules of transportation of oversized cargo;
  • The Civil Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Traffic Laws;
  • other normative documents.

Documents regulating the transportation of oversized cargo, prescribe movement in escort of a car covered with flashing light in the following cases:

  • small oversize freight transport width of 3.5 m;
  • transportation of oversized heavyweight road train length of 24 m;

Car traffic police accompanies (under the contract):

  • loaded automobiles width of 4 m;
  • train length of 30 m;
  • transport, partially closing the oncoming lane.
VVL Group provides tractors and covered cars, if consignor can’t provide required support.

Loading / unloading oversize

Transportation of oversized cargo has difficulties during the road haulage and move on a short distance, for example, loading and unloading operations. For these works "VVL" attracts qualified workers with experience in loading of non-standard cargos.
During loading long loads we:

  • use cranes rifle;
  • eliminate the direction of goods by hand;
  • use special devices for lifting, turning, lowering;
  • take other safety measures.

Outsized cargo is carefully secured after loading. During the transportation we control the stability of the load position.

Route development

Transportation of cargo with non-standard parameters, long or heavy cargo is carried out with specially designed routes. It is important to know that:

  • oversized transport should not impede the passage of the rest transport;
  • preferably the transportation on roads without traffic jams;
  • take into consideration the quality of the covering, the presence of rail crossings and tunnels, bottlenecks, high voltage power lines, bridges and other obstacles.

VVL Group provides top class transportation of oversized cargo. The company has a full set of equipment; know all logistics nuances and peculiarities of such transportation.

Registration of documents

Transportation of outsize cargo (with huge weight, non-standard sizes) is the most responsible form of transportation due to the peculiarities of production. Therefore, the transportation of oversize requires specific documentation:

  • consignment notes ;
  • letter of authority;
  • special permits;
  • contract;
  • applications – for an international, inter-regional, local carriage (one-time, for a period, a certain number of trips).

Each document contains a detailed list specifying the quality (category character), the quantity of cargo, its parameters, dimensions of transport, route, schedule and etc. It is necessarily to reflect the degree of responsibility in a trucking contract. If one of the documents filled incorrect, it considered to be a serious violation that can lead to cargo arrest or late delivery.

Coordination of documents takes 7 to 30 days. VVL Group allows you to get all permits for 2-10 days (depending on the complexity of the task).

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