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Delivery of dangerous cargo

It is a difficult process in documental and technological plans. This delivery can offer only companies with:

  1. Specialized transport fleet;
  2. Strong links with contractual counterparties specializing in sea and rail carriage of dangerous goods;
  3. All required licenses, permits, certificates.

VVL Group has all necessary to transport this type of materials, products and goods. The process of transportation is carried out by carriage rolling stocks with a special access. Vehicles, involved in this type of delivery, pass through the routine inspection and fully comply with the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

High qualification of drivers is a guarantee of safe and secure transportation of the cargo

Our qualified staff solves problems of loading, unloading and transportation of dangerous effectively and clearly, it allows to protect and minimize their harmful impact on the environment, vehicles, drivers and staff.

All involved in this type of carriage persons go through the appropriate training. For example, drivers know:

  • cargo properties of any type of danger;
  • rules and special aspects of transportation;
  • special marking and indications, pointing at the danger of transported cargo.

During the transportation of dangerous cargo our drivers have all necessary transport documents, including competency certificate to the transportation of dangerous cargo and the license card “carriage of dangerous cargo”.

Ways of delivery

Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods prescribe this procedure explicitly. According to these rules following ways of delivery were accepted:

  1. Transportation in a special packing (containers, refrigerators, big-volume containers).
  2. Gaseous material, liquid, loose goods or in granules are transported in tank trunks, isotainer and multiple-element gas container.
  3. It is allowed to transport solid substance in Open Top containers.

Consignor ought to consider all demands of carriage of dangerous cargo, where some types of goods are forbidden to transport by road. The have a mark “Forbidden to be carried”.

VVL Group has good partnership relations with verified contractors, who have international certificates and licenses on air and rail haulage of dangerous cargo.


Competent authorities work out it. Carriage can be accomplished only based on this classification and standards worked out by UN experts.

This cargo divides into 9 classes according to the level of danger, their chemical and physical characteristics. If the item suites to several levels of danger, you have to classify it as the most dangerous level, however, others have to be written as extra classes.
Visual hazard symbols

Signs about danger of the cargo are designed to warn all people, who involved in the process of transportation. They should be attentive to handling operations according to the special features of cargo written on a sign.

Classification codes

They help you to specify cargo’s characteristics: physical, chemical, level of danger. Letters, pointed out in the code, mean the group of material, but a number characterizes its physical and chemical characteristic.


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