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International road transportation

VVL Group is an incumbent member of the Association of International Road Transport Carriers ASMAP. Our employees have honorary certificates.

Our experts guarantee:

  • Efficiency;
  • Knowledge and observance the law;
  • Package of services save client’s time, resources and effort.



1.1. International road haulage with the help of curtain-sided trucks all over the Europe, the Baltics, Northland, CIS

Carriage in curtain-sided vehicles is the best variant for transportation of different types of cargo:

  • Convenient to load and unload the cargo from the top and side of the car;
  • All vehicles are equipped with fastening handrails and fixation belts.
Technical vehicle condition guarantees absence of losses during the carriage.

2.Export of containers 20-, 40-40HC from European ports

The company is accredited in appropriate way and has a possibility to export containers from European ports (Finland, Estonia etc.). (For the export of Russian ports use the site navigation trucking in Russia.) and accepts responsibility for the return of the empty container back to the port.

3.Small freight carriage within the consolidated shipment all over the Europe, the Baltics, Northland, CIS.

We offer consolidated shipments to avoid huge expenses during the carriage of small consignments. It decreases the cost. Your general cargo goes to the terminal, where we prepare documents and form the consignment with other customer’s goods. Finally the consolidated shipment divides and delivers to each addressee.

Company offers own refrigerated vehicles for cargo carriage, proving the necessary temperature maintenance and air circulation. These machines are in exact accordance with sanitary standards and have all proper set of documents, enabling the food transportation. All drivers should mandatorily have medical cards.

5.Carriage of dangerous goods

(See the relevant page).

6.Delivery of the oversized and heavy-lift cargo(including the execution of proper permits)

Special transport vehicles, qualified staff and certificates are necessary for this shipment type. (including the certificate of the Transport Ministry). We have this unique experience, but also all necessary documents, technical and human resources.

Our advantages:

The company has a serious truck fleet, including different types of vehicles: truck tractors MAN, IVECO and DAF with towed vehicles, microbuses, curtain-sided trucks, refrigerator trucks.All vehicles admitted to the international consignments according with the EC standards.

  • Execution of the documentation, including customs.

Our qualified staff provides a full range of documentation support: CMR, TIR cornet, consignment note. Customs Clearance Specialist renders a full range of services upon the customs clearance.

  • Service of goods on a consolidation warehouses

Storage, marking, repacking, sorting, palletizing. Our company can serve cargos on consolidation warehouses all over the Europe.

  • Reliable insurance

All cargos are insured. If the item is expensive and insurance policy cannot cover losses, then VVL Group will help you to execute an extra insurance contract with favorable terms.


Company tracks the movement of cargo via modern equipment. You can always be aware of your cargo location. All transport is equipped with satellite localization system.

  • Immediately!

If you need an urgent delivery on a shipper’s warehouse during the international road transportation, we will provide you this car in one day.


Loading area Transit Price
Germany, Hamburg, awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 3600 EUR
Germany, industrial zone, awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 3700 EUR
Germany, 80 sq., awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 4100 EUR
Germany, 77-79 sq., awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 4200 EUR
Benelux, awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 3800 EUR
France, 59-62 sq., awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 4100 EUR
Italy, north, awning 82-92 m3 Ukraine 4400 EUR
Italy, Rome, awning 82-92 m3 Ukraine 4800 EUR
Poland, Warsaw, awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 3100 EUR
Spain, Barcelona, awning 82-92 m3 Belarus/Baltics 5600 EUR
Lithuania, Vilnius, awning 82-92 m3 Baltics 2600 EUR
Latvia, Riga, awning 82-92 m3 Baltics 2600 EUR
Turkey, Istanbul, awning 82-92 sq. m./120 m3/120 м3 Ukraine 5500/5900 $
Finland, Kotka, cont. yard 40/40HC up to 20 t.   2300 $
Approximate price list by euro trailer 90 sq. m., cargo load up to 20 tons, import to Saint-Petersburg
Country of departure
Austria 3700 EUR
England 4500 EUR
Belarus 38000 RUR
Belgium 3700 EUR
Germany (Central) 3500 EUR
Germany (South) 3700 EUR
Holland 3800 EUR
Denmark 3800 EUR
Ireland 5300 EUR
Spain 5300 EUR
Italy (central) 4500 EUR
Italy (South) 5400 EUR
Kazakhstan 160000 RUR
Latvia 1700 EUR
Lithuania 2000 EUR
Luxembourg 4400 EUR
Poland 3300 EUR
Portugal 5600 EUR
Slovenia 5200 EUR
Turkey 4900 EUR
Ukraine 80000 RUR
Finland (North) 2800 $
Finland (Center) 2000 $
Finland (South) 1600 $
France (Central) 4600 EUR
France (South) 5100 EUR
Czech Republic 3600 EUR
Slovakia 4000 EUR
Sweden 2800 EUR
Estonia 1600 EUR

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