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Import of clothing and footwear in Russia

Customs clearance of clothing and footwear has a number of specific features and requires certain knowledge in this area. It should also be mentioned that the supply of clothing and shoes contains a large range of products, which complicates the process of declaring the cargo.

All clothing is divided into two main groups:

  • HS CU 61 knitting group;
  • HS CU 62 sewing group.


Classification of all imported clothes and footwear:

  1. "Lux" clothing and footwear.
  2. "Comfort Class" refers only to the shoe.
  3. Unnamed brand.

Clothing is also divided into adult and children.

The significant difference in customs clearance of baby clothes is a payment preference of the VAT rate (10%). VAT rate for adult clothing is almost twice high (18%).

According to the explanation in HS only products for children under 86 cm (about 1.5 years) refers to the 61 group "children's clothing and accessories to it". This also includes clothes for boys under 176 cm and girls less than 164 cm.

Besides, an import of clothing and footwear is still a complex system of obtaining permits confirming the safety of the product. These documents are also required to get the specified preferences.

The list of permits for the import of children's clothes:

  1. Certificate of state registration (CSR). It shall be issued for 1st layer linen for children up to 3 years, 1st layer hats (summer product) for children up to 3 years, 1st layer hosiery for children under 3 years.
  2. Certificates of conformity (excepting products, which require CSR). Shall be issued for 1st layer linen, 1st layer hats (summer product), 1st layer hosiery; for the clothing of the 2nd layer, 2nd layer hats for children under one year; for the clothing of the 3rd layer for children under one year.
  3. Declaration of Conformity. Issued for everything else, including those items which the CSR issued.

The list of permits for the import of clothing for adults:

  1. Certificate of conformity. Shall be issued for 1st layer linen products and hosiery.
  2. Declaration of Conformity. Issued for all other products.
There are a lot of nuances in the import of clothing and footwear. Only professional approach can minimize the customs clearance costs.

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