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We specialize in various cargoes!

Groupage - modern way of cost-effective and rapid delivery of small consignments. It consists in the use of units of large vehicles to deliver orders to various addresses.
Assembled goods are the most effective form of delivery, with regular shipments of small shipments.
When one-time shipments of small consignments as the most convenient logistic solution - general cargo.

Using our services you will be able to deliver a small-sized cargo volume of 0.1 m3 and a weight of 1kg, and teams, consolidated shipments and industrial equipment of up to 40m3 or more and weighing 6 tons and more.

Reliable and timely transportation of cargoes is ensured by:

- The presence of the carrier's regular traffic on the route of interest to you.

- The presence of the carrier's long experience in the transport of small consignments, delivery of cargoes.

- Availability of carrier contacts with effectively working customs brokers, as well as qualified personnel with the necessary knowledge and experience in Customs clearance.

Our company fully complies with all the above parameters.
We transport cargoes from Europe!

Thus, using our services for groupage, or transportation of small shipments, can be confident that you will get an opportunity in significant savings in cost, and fully guarantee the reliability, timeliness of delivery.

On your, let small, we take care of the cargo, as the great!


We are happy to offer you:

• Groupage cargo
• International Shipping
• Transportation of Russia
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Assistance in customs clearance
• Help in cargo insurance
• Assistance in obtaining certificates
• Consolidation of cargo at the warehouses in Finland and Germany.

We will help make customs clearance, properly execute documents abroad and in Russia.

Not every company can carry international cargo transportation. Own car park and established a partnership with the European regional carriers and transport companies allow us to provide:

• Uninterrupted international freight transport (dangerous goods, precast, etc.) the following areas: Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia)
• consolidation of goods in Europe;
• consolidation of goods in Finland.

 Our mission - to prevent problems, avoid potential financial risk and emotional turmoil. Our goal - not become a source of additional costs, and strongly and categorically reduce clients' expenses.
International cargo transport

We used to do not only delivery of goods from Finland, but also transport cargo from Europe.
Transport company - full members of Russia.

 Basic principles of our work:

• Clear implementation of the agreed terms of delivery of goods from Europe and obligations.
• Optimal cost of delivery of cargoes from Finland and Europe.
• Stability and reliability of freight from Europe in any economic situation.
• Individual approach to addressing each client.

During our activity we have gained solid experience in the field of logistics and

proved to be reliable and qualified partner.
Shipping cargo from Finland

Currently in high demand carriage of cargo from finlyandii.Mnogie firms offer their services for the carriage of goods from Finland, but if you're worried about the quality of work, carrying out the delivery time, then it is important to work with professionals who do their job is not the first god.Za During our activity we have gained solid experience in the field of transport and customs services, and have proven to be reliable and qualified partner, who can be trusted to carry cargo from Finland and Europe.

Become our partner and learn what to carry cargo from Scandinavia with us is simple!